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You Must Know the SEO Basics to be Successful

by admin on May 12, 2010

The Search Engine Marketing Process

There are two big mistakes that companies make when promoting a website:

  1. Ignoring the search engines altogether
  2. Relying on search engines solely for traffic

Search engines are the best way to generate qualified, targeted leads.  They’re worth the time it takes to optimize and make sure your site is search-friendly.  You can’t beat search engines, and you wouldn’t want to- you want to join them.

The following is a wire frame outline of how search engine marketing works

1.  Research Keywords

Longer terms mean they are more specific and targeted.  Broad terms are incredibly completive and won’t get you far.  Focus on terms that are two or more words long and targeted to your audience.  The best terms to target are high in search volume and low in competition.

2.  Determine Which Keywords to Target

The terms for your homepage can be more broad than those for your other main navigation and deeper pages.  For each page, choose 4 specific terms.  Your homepage receives a rank boost, so keywords targeted on the homepage have an increased chance of ranking higher.

3.  Text Writing

Make sure all keyword terms are repeated in the text on your page.  Sprinkle terms organically throughout the body of the text. Keep your text for each page at a minimum of 350 words and the keyword repetition around 3-5%.  The percentage depends on the targeted keywords.

4.  Determine Programming and Design Issues

If your site utilizes any programming formats like Flash that deter search engines crawling your site, be sure to implement other SEO tactics from Key Solutions Online and from a Vancouver SEO expert to make sure that your site isn’t all together ignored by search engines.

5.  Meta Support

Your Meta support should be keyword rich and engaging.

6.  Paid Submissions

Paid submissions are integral in obtaining targeted traffic since several search engines pull their listings from paid directories.  How you rank depends greatly upon how you are submitted.  Changing your listing once you have signed up is no easy task. With only one shot to get it right, let the professionals like do it.  Here are the most important paid submissions we recommend.

7.  Link Building

It is critically important to build both internal and external links.  The more highly weighted sites that point to yours, the better your rankings in search engine results pages will be.  Developing reciprocal link building relationships is invaluable.  Be sure to use keywords in anchor text.

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