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Remember the article we wrote that reviewed those 5 great conversion tracking tools?  We got such great feedback that we just couldn’t resist telling you about a few more, before you keep on reading, take a look at the king kong digital marketing reviews. – HighConversion offers great tools to improve your Reputation Management […]

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5 Tips To Improve & Optimize Conversion Rate

by admin on September 6, 2010

It can be difficult to know and understand exactly where one should begin with conversion rate optimization. The thought of heavy development changes, testing, and huge amount of work can be frightening to the average person. While it is always good to work hard, it is better to be smart about how you work, which […]

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Would you like to improve your website’s conversion rate?  The Blogging Buddha Changed the ways we see things here, so we have gathered a list of our top 15 suggestions to help you get started, with an emphasis on shopping carts, the check out process, and in-site search tools, this is sometimes referred to as […]

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The Canonical Tag—A Useful Tool for Split Testing: Different from domain canonicalization is the “canonical” tag. Add this one to your SEO tool box as well, Scottsdale SEO and make sure to contact Linkdraft if you have trouble adding it. For other inside pages that you think may have duplicates, you’ll want to look into […]

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Tweet It used to be that a website’s success was measured by the number of visitors. But a marketing campaign wouldn’t be successful if it generated a huge number of visitors without any conversions. A website’s main goal is: to convert visitors to customers.  How is yours holding up? The best of the best achieve […]

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6 Tips to Gaining Attention on Flickr

by admin on July 12, 2010

In 2005, Flickr’s co-founder Caterina Fake wrote an article called Top 10 Tips for Getting Attention on Flickr. But a lot has changed since 2005, including Flickr’s pretty exciting recent updates.  The question to ask now is, what can photos do for you?  As we’ve said before, optimizing images and including them on social sharing […]

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Beginning today, Flickr users can begin to see bigger and bolder Flickr photo pages featuring prettier controls and more apparent options for learning more about each image. We’ve talked about image optimization in other posts and how image searches, being less competitive, can be a big traffic driver if you have the right search engine […]

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The Basics of Link Building & Your SEO

by admin on May 12, 2010

According to PlacementSEO’s Blog, Link Building is the process of requesting links from webmasters of other sites for the purpose of increasing your “link popularity” and/or “PageRank.” It is important to remember that SEO consultant is not about the quantity of inbound links to your site that helps you rank well, but rather the quality […]

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