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5 Tips To Improve & Optimize Conversion Rate

by admin on September 6, 2010

It can be difficult to know and understand exactly where one should begin with conversion rate optimization. The thought of heavy development changes, testing, and huge amount of work can be frightening to the average person. While it is always good to work hard, it is better to be smart about how you work, which […]

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This fantastic map was created by Flowtown, inspired by XKCD.  It comically shows the relative sizes of social networks according to recent 2010 user data.  The sources for this data were USA Today, Alexa, Compete, and others. In January of this year we shared some terrific graphs on our Facebook page reporting search trends from […]

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5 Great Conversion Tracking Tools

by admin on August 2, 2010

A website’s success used to be measured by the number of visitors. However, a marketing campaign cannot be successful if it generates countless visitors and none of them convert visitors to customers, this is why marketing campaigns have to be organized by companies like the following, if not it will for sure have no […]

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6 Great Tips for Link Building

by admin on July 26, 2010

Link building has become an extremely important task for online marketers and is a big part of the workload for a search engine optimization agency. The number of links that point to your website, and quality of the site from which they’re coming, all effect how search engines rank your website.  Link building is used […]

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11 DoFollow Video Sharing Sites

by admin on July 19, 2010

We’ve covered why it’s important to optimize your images and how they can help to drive traffic to your site.  The same goes for optimizing your video content.  Though video searches are more competitive than image ones, they’re still a great avenue to drive qualified traffic to your website, especially if the site you use […]

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Domain Canonicalization: Good for A Quick Boost in Link Popularity It’s a hard word to pronounce and a hard concept to wrap your arms around, but an important one worth understanding.  With little effort you can immediately boost your PageRank and link popularity- thereby increasing your rankings.  According to Google, “Canonicalization is the process of […]

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How Website Speed Effects Google Page Rank

by admin on June 21, 2010

How Your Website Speed Effecting Your Google Page Rank According to Silver Dollar SEO – Milwaukee domain authority site speed is now a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm.  Why does page speed matter?  Other than the simple fact that internet users prefer faster pages, Google did an experiment of its own.  It slowed down […]

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Brooke Spilberg wrote an article that was recently featured in Visibility Magazine, please read the excerpt below and click through for the full article on Web Marketing Tactics for Book Publishers. The publishing industry may be in the same position that the music industry is in if they don’t adapt and adapt quickly to the […]

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When deciding which blog platform to use, you’ll want to consider your SEO and how search engine friendly each platform is, for this it is important to contact a company like to get some assistance, Digitrio’s SEM services will also help you out. Take a look at these 12 things to keep in mind: Title […]

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