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Social Media Tools for Marketing & SEO

by admin on May 11, 2010


Social media tools compliment overall web marketing tactics.  According to professionals from marketing through these avenues is very effective in accomplishing many goals including the ability to influence brand reputation, increase brand awareness, improve search ranking, increase traffic and more.  There are numerous social tools available, such as bold digital architects that are free available to use.

1.  Facebook Pages – Create a brand page and complete profile that enables you to share your business and products with Facebook users.  When members on Facebook become a fan of your brand, stories feed out to their pages via news feed. These friends and fans then interact with your Facebook page and then grow your fan base and increase brand awareness further, click here for more information.

Add logos, hours and more details about your brand, because these signs are awesome for branding and to generate a fans interest, add photos, stories and updates to maintain it.  Eventually turn Facebook fans into customers by engaging in conversation, sending event invitations and educating others about your brand and products.

2.  Twitter – This powerful social networking site has over 12 million registered users worldwide and sends thousands of tweets per minute.  With all of this conversation going on, it’s beneficial to engage or at the very least monitor what people are saying about your company.

See what your customers are saying about you by searching your brand or company name.  If you prefer to have these checks done automatically, you can use a brand monitoring service such as Mighty Brand or Trackur.  This is a great way to find out not only what people really think of your products and services, but also nip any negative situations in the bud before they spiral out of hand.

Another way SEO companies use Twitter is for branding purposes and engage in conversation with their customers.  Share your company values, express personality and communicate with possible future customers. It’s best not to over promote your products and services and instead share pictures, favorite links or even news about your employees or events.

3.  You Tube – With millions of viewers and videos that come up high in search engine results, your company would benefit by showing sharing optimized videos.

4.  Coupon Sites – Coupon sites have been experiencing tremendous growth in the past 12 months. We really had done our SEO marketing good. Generally these sites have coupons that are submitted by customers who have used them in the past or company staff. These sites offer a variety of coupons from Free Shipping to special offers or a site wide discount code.  These sites are heavily trafficked, free and they work.  Some of these sites include RetailMeNot, FatWallet, and Savings.

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