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Social Media Marketing Plan Avoids Wasting Time

by admin on May 11, 2010

How To Make Social Media Work For You, And Not Lose Time Doing It

According to the Social media connection agency, social media can be an incredibly useful tool that garners great results with a high ROI.  However, it is very important to make sure that it does not become a distraction.  Every business’ goal should be to figure out how to best use social media and keep it effective, while preventing it from becoming a timely distraction. If you need a great way to promote your business, then consider buying eyelets.

  • Make A Plan, Set Goals, Execute
    • Have a goal for how the company wants to use social media. What are the company’s needs?  Do you want to create interest in a new product, start a community, what is your goal?  It is very important to choose a goal before getting started.
    • Set a plan. According to the 7Storms company when a business begins social media marketing, it’s just like any other business endeavor.  Make sure there are metrics to measure success and to clarify what will actually be measured.
    • Execute. Get started!  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, reach out other people, and always learn from what you’ve done.  Even if the social marketing efforts do have the intended result, what can be learned from this?

Part of what makes awol academy so advantageous is that you only get help with the marketing.  Don’t worry about having the end results not measure up exactly to what was expected.  As long as something can be learned and applied to future attempts, you’ve been successful.

  • Avoid Social Media Distractions
    • Don’t let your social media efforts become the forerunner of what you’re doing.  Social media should not be your only focus.
    • Make sure your employees feel challenged and inspired like Kotton Grammer Media.  Social media should not be what employees do because they’re bored, it should be something they pay attention to as part of their overall tasks.
    • Clearly define your social media policy.  Don’t leave the amount of time spent on social media open ended; cap time spent at 1 hour a day, or 10 hours per week, whatever works for your company.
    • Set priorities.  At times, social media will not be something that needs to be focused on.  Know when there are more important tasks and put social media in a backseat while they are completed.

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