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What’s new with social & SEO?

by admin on June 28, 2010

Atlanta-based Stacy Williams, from Prominent Placement, Inc. wrote a fantastic article on the benefits of social media activity and how it can help your business.

Nearly a year ago, we wrote about how to leverage social media for search engine optimization purposes.  That newsletter issue was well-received, but since much has changed since then, it’s time to update the list of worthwhile social media sites.  While there are many good reasons to undertake social media for your business, we’re focusing here only on the best SEO Agency with the most SEO benefits.  To refresh your memory, there are two primary ones:

  • Social media offers additional content that can be optimized and show up in the search engine results pages.  We touched on this in our March newsletter, “Making the Most of the New Search Engine Results Pages.”
  • Often, you can build links into your social media content that point back to your corporate site, potentially increasing its organic rankings.  Note that all links are not created equally – links that redirect (such as on MySpace) don’t pass along any “link juice,” and links that are “nofollowed” pass along less link juice than regular links.  Also note that when you can control the text of the link to use your keywords as the “anchor text,” that’s also a significant SEO bonus.

Click to read her full article, “The Latest & Greatest on Social & SEO”

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