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Social Media Audit

Social media is everywhere, so to be successful companies should conduct social media audits.  The same way that a company takes inventory, budgets, and has employee reviews, knowledge and measurement of your social media is critical.

Benefits of social media audits:

  • Identify priorities
  • Benchmark where social media stands now to be able to compare to future statistics
  • Survey the landscape to see where customers, influencers, and partners are participating in the social web
  • Plan for future efforts and campaigns

Social media audits can be conducted in the beginning, during, and after a campaign.
In the beginning…

  • Audit the social environment to see where you currently stand
  • What are your competitors doing on the social web?
  • Where are your customers participating?
  • How do your customers participate?
  • Benchmark

During a campaign…

  • How are people responding to what you’re doing?
  • Are you getting feedback?  Is it positive, negative?
  • Being measuring change
  • Evaluate goals and change anything that doesn’t seem to be working

After your campaign…

  • Analyze, analyze, analyze
  • You can always learn from your results.  What succeeded, what didn’t, what kind of feedback did you get, what actions can you make for improvement?
  • Ongoing monitoring of your social media will helpful to stay in contact with customers, announce new products, run promotions, and more

How B Line Marketing can help:

  • Identifying keywords and phrases to measure and target
  • Measure a range of social media analytics.
  • Identifying niche markets to target
  • Implementing various different social media outlets
  • Monitoring and maintaining your social media

B Line Marketing wants to create a long term partnership for success with your company.  Give us a call and let’s get started.




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