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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Optimization Services with B Line Marketing

B Line Marketing uses proven methods and SEO tools to provide all of our clients with the highest quality of SEO optimization services.  We only do as well as our clients so we take every step of the process very seriously.  When you choose B Line as your SEO company, rest assured that every dollar you spend will reach its maximum potential.  Choose from any of our affordable SEO packages and we will tailor our services and process to best fit your website’s needs and goals.

SEO Optimization Services

B Line works closely with your website to improve its visibility in all of the major search engines.  We implement on-page SEO services throughout your website, which includes keyword-rich meta, content, image tags, and more. SEO optimization services are typically the most cost effective way to improve traffic, sales, and be found among the billions of web pages online.

  • We offer SEO optimization services and affordable SEO packages customized to your business goals and unique challenges.  We work towards:
  • Increasing traffic & quality of leads for higher conversions
  • Driving top rankings for your most competitive terms and high-quality long-tail keywords
  • Content writing and editing and organization that works for relevancy of business, visitor readability and search engine spiders
  • Improving your website profitability with SEO
  • Improving Page Rank and link popularity through strategic link building and off-page services

As your SEO company and partner, we guide you every step of the way through detailed milestones, priority-setting, and web-based project management tools.

B Line Marketing’s SEO Best Practices

Here is a taste of our process.  Our SEO optimization services run through the following steps for Sweet Search Success: [graphically depict]

  1. Discovery phase with detailed SEO audit
  2. Keyword research
  3. Goal and target-setting
  4. Benchmarking
  5. Code and keyword style guides
  6. Creative content crafting
  7. Implementation
  8. Submissions and compliance checks
  9. SEO Maintenance
  10. Reporting

The above process has provided great success over the years for all of our clients.  Yet due to the competitive and dynamic nature of the Internet, at times additional services are required to achieve even greater results.  Our recipe of affordable SEO packages can be paired with the following SEO side- dishes.

Google SEO Optimization Services

Since Google is the search engine with the majority of the market share, Google SEO optimization is an essential step towards making your business successful.  There are many Google search engines (often called verticals) besides the web search engine. This includes Google image search, Google video search, Google blog search, Google maps, local search, Google news search, Google product or shopping search and Google’s international web search engines.  The application of our SEO services means that your site will rank better for the top keywords that will drive qualified traffic to your site and increase your profits.

Tips to Getting Ranked by the Search Engines:
Website marketing tools can help you improve your optimization, but for a strong website performance you have to have a solid base.  These tips are a great checklist to help you be sure that your website is performing at its best.

  • Have a clear hierarchy to your site and use text links and a site index can help
  • Make sure that your site is full of informative text and that the text uses common search terms
  • Use accurate page titles
  • Avoid pages with hundreds of links – this may penalize you
  • View your pages with a text browser to see your site like a search engine
  • If you use dynamic content or a CMS, make sure that your content can be crawled
  • Avoid hidden text or links
  • Avoid doorway, splash or intro pages, pages loaded with irrelevant words, or multiple copies of the same page

Choosing Keywords for Your SEM Campaign

When choosing keywords to target for your website, it’s important to put yourself in your target audiences’ shoes. If possible, speak to your customers, leads, vendors and employees about the terms they use to find the product/service solutions that your business offers.  Here are some tips to help you choose your keywords.

  • Use alternate spellings and misspellings (e.g. calendar, calander).
  • Include various brand names your site carries.
  • Include 2-3 word keyword phrases people might search for.
  • If you are interested in targeting a local or regional audience, be sure to include keyword terms for your city, county and neighboring cities. The words can appear before of after the keyword phrase, such as “San Diego hat company” or “hat company in San Diego”.
  • Be specific. If you sell hats, rather than trying to compete with all the big hat companies out there, you’ll have a better chance of placing higher in the search engines by targeting a “niche” market. For example try: novelty hats, straw hats, felt hats, etc.
  • Test your keywords in the search engines. Do competing companies or related materials come up for those keywords?
  • Use a thesaurus to come up with alternative keywords. If you don’t have access to your MS Word thesaurus, use one online at or Google’s search term suggestion tool. Review the text and keywords on your competitors’ websites. Do those terms apply to your business?
  • Make sure you expand on your keywords. Go beyond words that are specific to your product or service. For example, if you were a wedding planner, you would have to remember that people planning weddings may be conducting keyword searches for things not directly related to the actual wedding ceremony. They might be looking for: bachelor parties, bridal veils, engagement rings, etc.
  • Think about how these keywords will work together and be incorporated into the text. Can you write a paragraph of 4 sentences using at least 5 of these keyword phrases?

Contact us for a free consultation or free SEO audit to learn more about how this process works and our affordable SEO packages.

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