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Content Creation

Web Content Writing

One of the best ways to optimize your website is to create new content for it.  However, the number one thing to keep in mind when writing new content is that it is not the same as writing for print.  B Line Marketing offers web content and SEO article writing services to all of our clients because we know how important search-friendly, keyword rich content is for website optimization.  As you have likely heard, content is king so having a thorough content strategy is key.

On the web, people have a limited amount of time they’re willing to spend scrolling through your pages.  They look from one piece of content to the next for what they need.  Anticipate what your audience is looking for and make it easy for them to find it.  Scan-ability and search-ability for your audience should be your main goals.

SEO Article Writing Services

If you’re having trouble creating content or you’re not sure exactly where to start, give us a call!  Our professional web content writing services help you prioritize your content, choose your revenue-generating keywords, capitalize on your niche and strategize how your content gets laid out on the page and throughout your website and/or blog.

Web Content Strategy

When you have the right skills, creating web content is easy.  Our SEO article writers will create a content management strategy with call to action tips and a keyword style guide that you can re-purpose for future pages and articles.

Make your text easy for both readers and search engines. Here are some essential copy writing tips to consider:

  • Formatting: your content should be easy to read and easy to scan. Bullets are always a good option for breaking up the content.
  • Create lists:  But keep them short, 7-10 things at a time.
  • Keep it simple:  Your sentences and paragraphs should be as concise as possible.  Only use the words needed to get the point across.
  • Use bolded headings and sub-headings
  • Set up hypertext links or jump links to break up long pages of content onto multiple pages.  The hypertext links should only include one term. Don’t forget to use your keywords for anchor text!

Whatever you’re writing about should be relevant, interesting, and fresh.  You want your readers to be so interested that they forward the information to friends and family.  Make it easy for them by including links to “Share This” and reward them for referring friends. For more specific informaiton about building a web content strategy and how best to maintain new content, please contact us.

Professional Web Content Writing

Don’t have time or the staff to create relevant, search-friendly copy?  Let us help. Our web content and SEO article writing services are the best way to be sure that your content is engaging, search-friendly, and reaching the right people.  If you have the best content out there but the search engines aren’t finding you, it’s not helping.  We’ll create a web content strategy with a keyword style guide tailored around your targeted keywords that will best drive traffic to your website and ensure you reach your right audience.  To find out more, contact us at 800.356.4319.




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