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Analytics Audit

Website Analytics Auditing with B Line Marketing

A web analytics audit can be used for many different purposes. The goal of an analytics audit is to collect accurate and relevant data, distill it in to a format that is easy to read and understand, and to deliver it directly to people who can act on it. It can answer critical business questions regarding performance of the site as a whole, improvement opportunities, success of ad campaigns, benchmarking, and more. The delivered data should be not only valuable, it should be compelling. Suggestions for future improvements should be understandable as to their positive impact and easy to implement.

With B Line Marketing, your Web Analytics Audit can answer the following questions:

  • How relevant are your analytics? Do you provide you with information that is important to your business and can be used for future improvements?
  • How accurate is your data? How many analytics are you collecting, do you focus on only your website’s performance or your social media outlets as well?
  • Are your analytics accessible? Is the information easily understood and transformed in to actionable next steps?
  • Who is getting the information? Are your analytics going to people that need to see them? Who would be in charge of next steps, do you they see the analytics and understand why specific suggestions are being made?

Where we can help and how we’ll get started:

  • Goals and tracking: Are you website’s goals clearly defined with clear measurements of success? Do you analytics tell you how visitors are navigating your site and what their actions after completing a goal are?
  • The complete package: Are your analytics tracking social media? Can you see where visitors are clicking through to get to your site, what is your top traffic referral?
  • Segmenting traffic: Are your visitors clicking through organic links or paid links to get to you? Which paid links are the most successful, what keywords are they using?
  • Visitor sessions: How are visitors navigating your site? What are the top entrance and exit pages, how long are they spending on the site and which pages are your top content pages?

The benefits to you:

  • Choosing B Line Marketing for you website analytics audit means a qualified and knowledgeable third party evaluation of your analytics package in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Explanations for any suggested changes or improvements.
  • Clear and easily understood directions for implementation of next steps and future goals.




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