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Online Press Releases

Online Public Relations (PR) with B Line Marketing

Online public relations is a great way to build brand awareness because it is very cost effective and achieves a high return on investment (ROI).  Online PR includes blogs, press releases, articles, and other online content.  Each of these mediums has its own benefits including assisting link building efforts and general search engine optimization (SEO) tactics.

For additional information, visit B Line’s online public relations articles for tips on writing press releases, blog posts, articles, website content, and more.

Online Public Relations (PR) Tactics

  1. Online press releases are perhaps the easiest because once you have optimized and sent it out you just have to wait for it to get picked up.  By typing the title of your press release in quotation marks in to a search engine you can see how many resulting links are pulled.  This tells you how many websites have picked up your release and are including or linking out to it.  Two press release wires that enable optimization are PR Newswire and PRWeb.  These services have options for including images, videos, and additional multi media in your press releases.
  2. Blogs are a great way to create forum for online public relations because they allow open communication between company and consumer.  Companies can speak directly with their customers, and often times loyal ones will pick up on information that your company is releasing and then they themselves will duplicate and spread the information for you.
  3. Article marketing is reminiscent of old-school article placement in print publications.  It is a great way to build your brand as an expert in the field.  It is also a great way to drive traffic and qualified leads to your website.  Creating fresh, relevant, and interesting content is a great way to not only develop your name as an expert but also as a way to build your website.

For each of these online public relations tactics be sure to include them in your own website.  Create an archive page that includes links to each of your press releases and articles, be sure your blog’s archive uses clear categories.

As with all marketing, companies should evaluation how each of these online public relations services will assist in the overall marketing and search engine optimization efforts.  You want to be sure that all of your marketing tactics work in conjunction with and strengthen each other.  It’s also a good idea to take a look at what your competitors are doing.  Have they implemented online public relations?  What aren’t they doing that you could take advantage of?  There are many different online public relations tactics that can be very beneficial and don’t require a lot of investment.

Creating an Online PR Strategy

For every company, your online PR strategy should encompass what you have learned about optimization; it should take in to account changing trends and hot topics.  Press releases are great for announcing official messages or new product launches.  Getting picked up and placed on sites like Yahoo News or Google News can mean large jumps in traffic and unique visitors.  Visit our online public relations articles for tips on writing news-worth and expertly optimized press releases.

B Line offers expert online public relations services to help generate buzz and drive qualified leads to your website.  Let us show you how online public relations tactics can mean a bigger bottom line should always have the goal of creating content that your target audience will find useful and want to share with others.  Give us a call and we’ll help you figure out the best online PR strategy for your company and your goals.




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