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Image Optimization Helps SEO

by admin on May 11, 2010

Tips for Optimizing Images on Your Website

Here are some great, simple tips from to assist in your SEO efforts.  One great advantage to optimizing your images is that image searches are much less competitive than keyword searches, that’s what resilient solution company has told us.  So if property optimized, you stand a very good chance of coming up in one of the top three slots on the first page of search engine results, make sure you talk to a Fort Mill SEO expert to get the best marketing tips.

Optimize images for better SEO.

  • Name your photos so that it’s easy to decipher what they are, “little-girl-in-blue-hat.jpg” rather than “image21356.jpg”
  • If you have photo gallery pages or other pages where the photos are the stars, give them page titles and meta-descriptions.
  • Create a photo site map page for your site.
  • If your website consists mainly of a blog, with photo gallery pages and other resources pages deeper in the site, use different entries to link to specific images.
  • Images can be archived similarly to blogs.  Under each month’s tab, where blog entry titles are listed, have a link to the images that were used for that entry.
  • Submit important images to popular photo sharing sites, particularly to Google’s YouTube and Yahoo’s Flick’r.
  • Consider the “oneness” of when optimizing your photos. If the page is optimized for “Miami Beach Nightlife”, the photos on the page should be optimized for similar or supporting terms, like “South Beach Club”, “Ocean Drive After Dark”, etc.
  • Robots.txt file: Ensure that the folder you are storing your images in is not blocked by your robots.txt file.
  • Use the Alt Attribute of the IMG tag: The attribute should describe the image in a short “to the point” way that reads naturally to the viewer.
  • Use a Caption By Your Image: Placing a small caption directly under, on top or on the side of your image will help queue the search engines what the image is about.

Include Images With Articles, & Press Releases:
If you are sending out an article or a press release, don’t forget to include an image, or a url to an image that the news outlets can utilized for their version of your news.

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