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How To Write Text For The Web

by admin on May 12, 2010

Writing for the Web is not the same as writing for print. On the web, attention spans are short – people want info fast! People scan read—jumping quickly from one piece of content to the next looking for what they need. Anticipate what your audience is looking for then make it easy to find. Your audience will be happy and will visit your website and stay to look around.

Remember these 2 main goals when writing for the web:
1. Scan-ability
2. Search-ability

Lists are easier to scan than paragraphs, especially if you keep them short. Studies have shown that people can only reliably remember 7-10 things at a time. By keeping your list items short, it helps your readers remember them.

  • Bulleted (unordered)
  • Numbered (ordered)
  • Try to keep lists under 7 entries
  • Keep list items succinct
  • Always give your list a headers (and subheaders when appropriate) so skimmers know what they’re reading. Headlines are an excellent place to use your keywords

Keep it Short and Sweet
Sentences and paragraphs should be as concise as you can make them. Use only the words you need to get the essential information across. Use one idea per paragraph.

Headings and Sub Headings
Headings make the text more scan-able. Your readers will move to the section of the document that is most useful for them, and headings cue your audience to what’s in that section.

Use Hyperlinks
Hyperlinks or links stand out from normal text, and provide visual cues as to what the next page is about.

  • Create hyperlinks to break up long pages of content onto multiple pages.
  • Use keywords for your hyperlink anchor text! This is a great opportunity to use your keywords, especially if you are linking internally (linking to another page within your own site).
  • No more than 5 hyperlinks per 350 words

Keep content short and simple
Less is nearly always more. Remember, the one word that describes the scan reader is impatient. Here are some persuasive essay ideas and guidelines for the length of your content:

  • Headings: 8-10 words
  • Sentences: 15-20 words
  • Paragraphs: 1 idea, 40-70 words
  • Documents: minimum of 350 words
  • Keywords should be sprinkled organically throughout the document. Your first term should appear 4-5 times, second term 3-4 times, all other terms 2-3 times.

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