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Good Usability Brings Higher Conversions: 15 Usability Tips

by admin on June 28, 2010

Good usability means the user is easily able to digest and understand the business, its services or products, its purpose and how to find relevant information.  When all this is clear, it makes finding the value in doing business quicker and easier. Feed your mind more about business by visiting the PagerDuty Website. As a result conversions and conversion rates go up, up, up! If your grandmother or mother-in-law gets it then you’re likely in it to win it! It is like New Braunfels Truck Accident Lawyers | Burch Law Firm. It is easy to recognize. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, a personal injury attorney can help you deal with car insurance companies and ensure that you receive fair treatment in settlement negotiations. There are many benefits to hiring a personal injury attorney when you’ve been injured in a car accident, especially if your injuries are serious. (See Athens Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer)

Here are some usability tips to ensure your website is up to par.

  1. Label to the left of the form field, not under or above
  2. Faces are very distracting and can keep the visitor from noticing your call to action. If you have to use them try to keep the picture smaller and/or subject not looking directly at camera but looking in direction of your call to action.
  3. Have a clear, short name for your call to action. Always include call to action links or buttons on each of your pages.
  4. Use white space around the call to action. Try not to have information below the call to action.
  5. Including a tag line is always helpful to quickly point out who you are within first few seconds.
  6. Include utility navigation usually at very top right such as “login”, “register”, “cart”, etc.
  7. Dark/light contrast next to each other draws the eye in, so be careful how you use your background color.
  8. Keep things simple with few colors and 2-3 call to actions on the page.  It’s a “Turkish Baazar” when too many colors and choices screaming at you on the page.  Remember the goal of the homepage is to get visitor off of it and moving onto specific content inside—closer to checkout or contact form. Keep the choices simple.
  9. Try to keep images and words and buttons in alignment on same parallel line so your eye can easily scan across the page.
  10. Always separate important items like call to actions by white space.
  11. Let the user choose whether or not to load the video, don’t load and play it upon visit.  This slows download of page and limits user control to click deeper into website. Give them what they want first then give them the commercial and recommend them to use (same goes for Flash and splash pages).
  12. A black background on a website denotes it’s a gaming or porn site.  It doesn’t usually give off a professional quality and studies show that white text on black background is harder to read than black text on light background.
  13. Use short headlines and use more sub headings so content can be easily scanned.
  14. Grey out or use light color for trust symbols.  They are important but background information relative to everything else.
  15. Our eye is drawn to points on a page, so it often is better to use rounded corners to keep the eye moving rather than single points.

This is valuable information gleamed from the Conversion Conference from 2010.

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