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5 Great Conversion Tracking Tools

by admin on August 2, 2010

A website’s success used to be measured by the number of visitors. However, a marketing campaign cannot be successful if it generates countless visitors and none of them convert visitors to customers, this is why marketing campaigns have to be organized by companies like the following, if not it will for sure have no success.

Conversion tracking is an analytics tool that measures the effectiveness of a source that directs visitors to a website and persuades them to take a desired action. Sources vary from a landing page phrase to a referrer. The desired action of the web site depends on what the creator wants. The action could be the visitor signs up for a newsletter, completes an order, or fills out a form for more information. With conversion tracking tools available we are able to measure that effectiveness of our web sites and campaigns, which is often expressed as a percentage known as a conversion rate.

Here are five useful conversion tracking tools that you should check out.

1. Crazy Egg – This tool will help you improve the design of your site by providing you with a heat map that shows where people are clicking and where they are not. It also provides information such as where people clicked based on the source from which they came. Here is an example of what the heat map looks like.

2. BTBuckets – This is a free segmentation and targeting web application tool that allows web sites to create user clusters based on their behavior. You can then assign different sets of actions for each segment. Below is a screenshot from one of their tutorial videos on youtube.

3. User Testing – Provides a usability testing tool that helps users to understand why viewers are leaving their website. Once a user has signed up, a representative visits and records their experience on the website and provides feedback. Below is a clip of a sample report that was done for Petco.

4. Cross Browser Testing – By using this tool, users are able to have their website tested across different operating systems. Users can also interactively test their ajax, javascript, and flash. A sample report is provided below.

5. Attention Wizard – This tool provides visual attention prediction for a website’s landing pages. Users are able to view their website how customers are viewing it.

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