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The Canonical Tag: An SEO- Friendly Tool for Split Testing

by admin on July 20, 2010

The Canonical Tag—A Useful Tool for Split Testing:

Different from domain canonicalization is the “canonical” tag. Add this one to your SEO tool box as well, Scottsdale SEO and make sure to contact Linkdraft if you have trouble adding it. For other inside pages that you think may have duplicates, you’ll want to look into the “canonical” tag.  This tag is officially being accepted and understood by all three main engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN Live/Bing.  This is a tag that goes on the ‘duplicate’ head tag to direct to the ‘actual’ page. It only tells the robots, not website visitors, which URL to index.  Unlike the 301 redirect, the visitors do not get redirected anywhere.  This is a great tool for split testing because visitors don’t see a difference, web analytics software tracks the separate pages but search engines see it as one page.

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