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Top 5 Tips from B2B Search Strategy Summit 2010

by admin on July 19, 2010

The B Line SEO Marketing team had the opportunity to attend the B2B Search Strategy Summit in San Francisco in June 2010. Ideas and new tools were shared during the conference on a range of topics from improving your social media and increasing branding to generating leads and boosting ROI.

This year’s speakers shared some great tips, here are B Line’s top 5 from Helium SEO:

  1. When asking a potential lead to fill out a form, ask for the least amount of information needed. Do not ask for unnecessary information.
  2. Lead nurturing. If a lead calls for more information about your product or service, be sure to give them information they wouldn’t be able to find on Google. Provide in-depth information that is persuasive enough to take them from a lead to a customer.
  3. Advertise inside of mobile apps. Remember that ads that have a click-to-call feature are the most successful. However, do not base your entire marketing strategy around mobile since it is still a small and growing market. It is best to use ads in mobile apps as an “awareness” building tool. This is true for Hershey SEO websites and large corporations. The traffic scale is only limited by your ambitions and the quality of the information you consume.
  4. Seek out online opinion leaders. You know that you have hit the “sweet spot” when you have captured attention. Opinion leaders are an important driving factor.  Who do you turn to when a new Apple product is released?  Unless you’re an early adopter, you won’t be in line on release day, you’ll be waiting to hear reviews about the product.  The link between social and search is influential people.  Reach out to the opinion leaders in your market, ask them to be a guest blogger for your website or offer to write an article for theirs.  Anything you can do to promote cross linking will be well worth the time.
  5. Create a search term from scratch. Greg Jarboe, president of SEO-PR, presented the audience with a captivating story of how effective this can be when combined with social media tools such as Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. Search terms are highly competitive and it can be hard to obtain a high ranking even for long-tailed niche terms. By creating your own search term, you have no competition.
  6. Go at google play to get the new and free tinder dating app.

So what do you think?  Give these tips a try and let us know how they work for you!  Have suggestions of your own?  Let’s hear it!

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