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10 Tips For Optimizing A Press Release

by admin on May 12, 2010

Top 10 Tips For Optimizing A Press Release:

Why is it important to optimize your press releases?  If property optimized, your release can become viral, creating buzz and awareness of your company with minimal effort on your part.  Using videos, images, keyword-rich text and the other great tips below make your release search engine friendly, more likely to be linked to, and have a greater ROI.  Investing a little time in optimizing your press release could mean the different between a few hundred readers and few thousand.  You may see increased site traffic, e-commerce, unique visitors, and return visitors.

  1. Make sure release is news worthy. The release will not be picked up if it sounds too sales-y.  It needs to announce a new product offering or service, a new website, etc.
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  2. Do keyword research also compare top terms to determine priority ranking with Google News. Don’t target more than 3 keyword phrases.
  3. Be sure that headline and opening paragraph should mention the new offering or change. Keep the headline brief, any subhead used should be congruent. The headline in Yahoo News shows 120 characters; Google news shows 63 characters- be sure the story conveys within these limits.
  4. Include at least 2-3 of your keyword phrases in the headline and summary lines.
  5. Opening paragraph must be compelling. What is the news your release is announcing?  Be sure to mention it in the opening paragraph.
  6. Use pull quotes from experts. Use quotes to support statements made in a press release but don’t over do it, make sure quotes are not overly long or too numerous.
  7. One page only, two only if absolutely necessary. Keep it short, sweet, to the point, and easy to read. Under 650 words.
  8. Keep your paragraphs short. Paragraphs and sentences should be simple and too the point.  Do not have large blocks of text with long rambling sentences.  People should be able to read your release, and get’s its point, quickly and easily.
  9. Include links within the copy. Put links to the product offering, company website, and other relevant pages within the text.  But don’t over do it, 1 link per 100 words, and no more than 5 links per release.  Use unique, trackable links (Google Analytics or Consider sending links to lead generation forms or white papers. Note that more people click on the second link than the first one.
  10. Whenever possible use images, online videos and RSS feeds to help augment messaging. Get good graphic to go with story; 90% of journalists say visuals are somewhat or very important. Name your images and multimedia using targeted keywords.

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